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"Harriet Jacobs ROCKED! Imagine: she pursued an education, wrote and published a book, worked several jobs, and put her children through school, all while running away from her slave master."
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Slavery in the Colonies and Early African American Culture


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Neda - Long, lazy summer days? Not for these teens!

Kevin - Gullah? A new slang word or a whole other language?

Daphne - Sing out strong and loud! I speak Gullah and I'm proud!

Rebecca - Sacred African burial grounds in Manhattan

Dispatch buttonMaking a Difference - Reparations: Payback for slavery?
Dispatch buttonStephanie - The Natchez Indians give the old heave-ho to the French
Dispatch buttonRebecca - Mose, Florida: Paradise among mosquitoes and tropical heat
Dispatch buttonNeda - Dive! Dive! Discover the secrets of the Henrietta Marie
Dispatch buttonIrene - "Great Blacks in Wax": a museum that packs a punch
Dispatch buttonNick - The rebellion is on!
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