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"Hear me, my chiefs; I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever."
- Chief Joseph
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The Violent Crush of the Plains and Mountain Indians


thumb1 Best of the Update!
Teddy - The heroic and fateful quest of the Nez Perce

thumb2Nick - Massacres and mayhem: manifest destiny at its worst

thumb3Irene - We don't need no thought control

thumb2Nick - Sitting Bull wins one for the Lakota Indians!

Dispatch buttonNeda - Never give up: the story of Geronimo  
Dispatch buttonIrene - East Meets West in the Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad
  Dispatch buttonMaking A Difference - Some disturbing facts about Teen Alcoholism
Dispatch buttonStephanie - Cowboy stories: the lowdown on home on the range

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