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Birth of the US
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"As the scholar D'Arcy McNickle writes of all Native Americans: 'They lost, but they were never defeated.'"
- Team
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What's covered in each basecamp
The Native Americans - Major Cultural Groups


Daphne - The mysterious ways of the secretive Pueblos

Best of the Update!
Rebecca - The wild and wacky world of Seminole Indian alligator wrestling

Irene - Take me to the river! Slippery salmons swimming upstream

Neda - A ghost town turns into a whirling dervish dance festival

Dispatch buttonNick - Getting in touch with the Native American past through the heart of a woman
Dispatch buttonTeddy - Whale hunting and the art of preserving traditions
Dispatch buttonTeam - The first inhabitants of North America: A picture of a proud and strong people
Dispatch buttonMaking a Difference - Tomorrow's leaders, today's American Indian youth
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