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Birth of the US
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"Four girls lie writhing on the floor of a courthouse, their bodies shaking uncontrollably. Their screams of agony fill the crowded courtroom, and the judge stares with his eyes wide, too scared to bang his gavel."
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Indentured Servants, the Lower Class, and Women:


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Daphne - Nathaniel Bacon: a rebel with a cause

Kevin - Another slab of Bacon: a rebel without a clue

Stephanie - You go, colonial girl wonder!

Teddy - Witchy woman's gonna put a spell on you!

Dispatch buttonBecky - Rock the vote the colonial way
Dispatch buttonIrene - Burning down the house: land riots in early America
Dispatch buttonNeda - The Regulators take on the big, bad tax men
Dispatch buttonMAD - The indentured servant trade: still rearing its ugly head
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