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Birth of the US
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"My mother was tear-gassed by helicopters and riot police, but she was fortunate compared to her family left in Vietnam..."
- Teddy
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The Diverse Histories of the US Trek
Team Members

nedaNeda - Ummm, I didn't mean to start a revolution...

thumb2Irene - Wait, this isn't Beverly Hills 90210!

thumb3Stephanie - Some spicy, south of the border, Tex-Mex appeal

thumb4Daphne - Just your average flame-throwing, camel-owning Brazilian family

Dispatch buttonTeddy - From tear gas and lies to LOVE!
Dispatch buttonKevin - Trailblazing from Inglewood to Korea
Dispatch buttonRebecca - But Great Grandma, that's the Titanic!!!
Dispatch buttonNick - All Things Connect

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