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Birth of the US
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"The monstrous F-4 tornado eventually grew to be 1.3 miles wide, stripping the shrubbery bare, removing asphalt from highways..."
- Neda
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What's covered in each basecamp
The Geography of the United States


Becky - Gators and brown goo can't keep the Trekkers from the swamps of the south

Daphne - Death Valley sans air conditioning and big hair in Las Vegas

Neda - Twisters, cyclones, and tornadoes, oh my! Chasing wacky weather in Toto-land

Best of the Update!
Stephanie - The future looks brighter for the
proud Navajo and Shoshone nations

Dispatch buttonNick - Searching for a hint of nature at the "Bridge of God"
Dispatch buttonTeddy - Plumbing the depths of Yellowstone Park
Dispatch buttonTeam - Pangaea? Isn't that some kind of weird pasta?
Dispatch buttonTeam - Rockin' and rollin' down to the core!
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