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"'Moral, civilized, Christian' whites so dominated the American mindset that lynchings were casually announced as "Negro barbeques" in newspapers."
- Irene


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African Americans in the Early 20th Century


Best of the Update!
Rebecca - Springfield's massacre: the 1908 Race Riots

thumb2Stephen - "I'm African! No, I'm American! No, I'm African!" No, I'm American!

thumb3Irene - Strung up, cut up, and set on fire

thumbnail4 Nick - How the government ground down a community

Dispatch buttonStephanie - Poetry to stir the soul and inspire a nation
Dispatch buttonMaking A Difference - If you are dark of skin, you are guilty as sin
Dispatch buttonStephen - Celebrating heritage: the Black Renaissance
Dispatch buttonIrene - The largest racial killings in American history
Dispatch buttonStephanie - Two nations, one country
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