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"It was here that time stopped at 8:15 a.m. never to begin again for some 300,000 people. Beyond the A-dome lay the Hiroshima Peace Museum."
- Becky



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What's covered in each basecamp
World War II


Best of the Update!
Stephen - The sweet solace of a farm in wartime

thumb2Nick - When you must survive, you will find a way

thumb3Becky - Suit up! It's time for Zooting in Los Angeles

thumbnail4 Irene - You are a U.S. citizen but we will still put you in a concentration camp

Dispatch buttonDaphne - Saving the world is a full time job
Dispatch buttonNick - You work hard and still that isn't good enough
Dispatch buttonBecky - The making of the world's largest vaporizer: The Bomb
Dispatch buttonStephen - What did the war mean to the fighters?
Dispatch buttonTeam - Why wouldn't you help, if you could?

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