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In Search of American Roots
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"Nick and I read horrifying accounts of soldiers roasting their shoes for dinner, or eating sticks and stones to fill their swollen bellies. "
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The Unfolding of the American Victory


thumb1 Best of the Update!
Nick - Shave, grease up, and put on a skirt, there's a war on!

thumb2Daphne - Letters from the trenches of the revolution

thumb3Kevin - Slaves fighting for American freedom? What's up with that?

thumb4Teddy - Blowing the British confidence to smithereens

Dispatch buttonMaking a Difference - 30,000 shot dead each year: what YOU can do!
Dispatch buttonNick - The real revolutionaries at the battle of Yorktown
Dispatch buttonStephanie - War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Huh!
Dispatch buttonStephanie - Fearless Females
Dispatch buttonRebecca - One man rises above to prove all men ARE created equal
Dispatch buttonTeddy - Just an old fashioned 'Green Mountain Boys' whupping

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