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"Just because you are in a wheelchair does not mean that you can't fight back."
- Jennifer



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What's covered in each basecamp
A Cross Section of American Life
in the '70s and '80s


Daphne - So, the president lied but wasn't impeached? What's up with that?

thumb2Irene - Is the Religious Right right or wrong?

thumb3Stephen - 3 million deaths a year and rising. When is enough, enough?

thumbnail4 Best of the Update!
Rebecca - House, car, 2.5 kids, a dog and two dads

Dispatch buttonJennifer - Disabled doesn't have to mean "unable"
Dispatch buttonIrene - Music that feeds the mind, body, and hard rock 'n' roll
Dispatch buttonRebecca - Join the government funded "glow in the dark plan"

Next Update: Saturday, April 21, 3PM!