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"The savage beatings of protestors, captured on film with garbage pails burning in the background, horrified American television viewers. The police attacked without reason and targeted reporters and photographers."
- Teddy


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What's covered in each basecamp


Rebecca - Bayonets and pencils just don't mix

thumb2Irene - The Vietnam War Part 1

thumb3Irene - The Vietnam War Part 2

thumbnail4 Stephanie - A personal account: Cambodia's civil war

Dispatch buttonJennifer When the going gets rough, the tough go underground
Dispatch buttonNick - Bucking the draft
Dispatch buttonTeddy - DNC: Don't Count on Civility
Dispatch buttonJennifer - Students united can never be divided
Dispatch buttonMaking A Difference Bombs, oil, sanctions, and a decision we all have to make: The US and Iraq

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