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Jeff Golden, Odyssey Founder, Educator
Dean Matsueda, Secretary/Treasurer - "Web Wrangler",
Asian Naeighborhood Design
David Fetterman, Director, MEd Program, Stanford University
Alan Gunn,CTO, Pensare and The Ruckus Society
Abeja Hummel, Odyssey World Trek
Linda Hunter, Business Manager, Neighborhood Parks Council
Ellen Lenihan,Youth Website Coordinator, Ctr for Domestic Violence Prevention
Justin Probert, New Projects Coordinator, Tides Center
Xavier Zang, Viant
Warren Cornwall, Journalist and Educator
Kelly Corrigan, Software Developer and Non-Profit Professional
Laura Critchfield, Educator
Mary Folsom, MBA - Marketing and Development Consultant


Current Members

Jeff Golden, President
Mr. Golden is also the Founder and Executive Director of The Odyssey. He is a former Fulbright scholar in "Sustainable Development Studies," was awarded the US Stade Department's Millenium Volunteer Award, and has participated in international symposiums on "The Environment and International Security" and "The Militarization of the Third World". He has five years teaching experince in inner-city schools in South-Central Los Angeles and San Francisco, including San Francisco's first start-up charter school, Leadership High. He has lived and traveled throughout Latin America and China and speaks Spanish, functional Chinese, and is studying Arabic.

Dean Matsueda, Secretary/Treasurer
Mr. Matsueda has been working with the Odyssey as a Web Designer and Web Team Manager since the early stages of the World Trek. He has been working for community-based non-profits in various capacities for the past seven years and is currently the "Web Wrangler" for Asian Neghborhood Design, a non-profit community development organization. He has also started a socially-responsive web and graphic design business servicing various non-profit agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

David Fetterman
Dr. Fetterman is the Director of the Master's program in Policy Analysis and Evaluation at Stanford University. He has previously been a high school teacher and the Director of the Office Economic Opportunity, Anti-Poverty Agency, and has served as the President of both the American Evaluation Association and the American Anthropological Association's Council on Anthropology and Education. Dr. Fetterman has published numerous books and his field work has taken him into American inner-city schools, kibbutzim in Israel, and impoverished Black communities in South Africa.

Alan Gunn
Mr. Gunn is a Co-Founder and was, until recently, Chief Technology Officer of Pensare, an eLearning company. He currently teaches Java programming and object-oriented design at Foothill College, and is organizing an electronic activism Action Camp for the Ruckus Society. Among other positions he was a Senior Software Engineer with NetManage and Novell. Mr. Gunn was also named Baskin Robbins Employee of the Year for Southern New England in 1981.

Abeja Hummel
Ms. Hummel's most significant professional experience has been a two-years stint with The Odyssey as an international correspondent! She was one of the educators selected from over 2000 applicants to serve on the Odyssey World Trek, and she is one of only two who completed the entire Trek. She has worked with youth in outdoor education for years through such programs as Trips for Kids and Project SOAR. She has traveled extensively throughout Central America and was awarded consecutive scholarships to work for two semesters in the Middle East with the National Council on Arab-US Relations.

Linda Hunter
Ms. Hunter is currently a Business Manager / Consultant with the Neighborhood Parks Council in San Francisco. Prior to that she was Finance Director, Controller, Director of Finance, and Finance Manager for the Real Alternatives Program, 18th Street Services, the Names Project Foundation, and Greenpeace, respectively. She has served on the Boards of the Fund for Peaceful Research and Earthshare. She has a Law Degree and has worked with the State of California Public Defender and the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund.

Ellen Lenihan
Ms. Lenihan is the Youth Website Coordinator for the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention, hosting weekly advice chats and providing online guidance about relationships. She was previously the Teen Outreach Coordinator at the CDVP, which involved working directly in schools with students and teachers. Her prior work experience includes a year as a Family Violence Project Advocate Her prior work experience includes a year as a Family Violence Project Advocate with the San Francisco Attorney General's Office.

Justin Probert
Mr. Probert has served in a variety of capacities over the past six years at the Tides Center, and is currently the Coordinator for New Projects, assisting with the managing of the Intake functions of the organization. Mr. Probert serves on the advisory board of a local community-based organization, Working Essentials, which acquires and distributes clothing and toiletries to various job programs at homeless non-profit organizations.

Xavier Zang
Mr. Zang is a Founder of Viant and has worked with them in various capacities ranging from Vice President/General Manager of the San Francisco office to Western Regional Manager. Prior to joining Viant in 1996, he worked with McKinsey & Company in both San Francisco and Zurich for major national and international financial services and retail firms. Before McKinsey, Mr. Zang was with both the Information Consulting Group and Andersen Consulting in Chicago.

Start-Up Members

Warren Cornwall
Mr. Cornwall is an award-winning journalist, published in The High Country News, Cascadia Times, Earth Action Journal, The Idaho Falls Post Register, and the Idaho Mountain Express. He has taught at both middle and high school level in Vermont and Washington, D.C. He previously served as the Education Director for the Snake River Alliance.

Kelly Corrigan, M.A.
Ms. Corrigan is the Founder and CEO of Stratford Studios, an educational software copany. She is a content consultant for the Center for Learning, Assessment and School Structure and their marketing partner, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, as well as for the Cyberteens Website. Prior to that she worked at the United Way for seven years as Webmaster, technology and Education Grant Manager, and Staff Deveopment Coordinator.

Laura Critchfield, M.A.
Ms. Critchfield is the former Program Director for the San Francisco Education Fund. She has worked with the San Francisco Unified School District as a District Administrator, providing centralized support for high schools, and as a high school teacher for three years at Balboa High. Prior to that she taught at Central Park East in New York and studied at the Teacher's College at Columbia University. She also has experience in journalism, having served on the editorial staff at the Harvard Business Review.

Mary Folsom, MBA
As an independent development consultant, Ms. Folsom's recent services in the not-for-profit arena ensured the opening of 'Leadership High School,' a chartered school which operates at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She managed all fund raising efforts and the admissions process for the incoming 9th graders. Having earned her MBA at UCLA, Ms. Folsom has also worked as Marketing Manager with Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Taco Bell, and Nestle.


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