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Semester 1

(The US in the
20th Century)

Making A Difference
Semester 2:
The US through the 20th Century

Stage One: The Progressive Era

01/17/01: America's corporate battlefield claims another victim: the car consumer
The SUV industry is the latest form of corporate disenfranchisement of the consumer. It began during the industrial revolution with companies like Carnegie Steel and Standard Oil. Companies fool consumers and sometimes let them die for profits.

01/20/01: Is that a worm or a spliced, mutated gene in your apple?
The team digs deep and discovers the uncertainty and possible dangers lurking in the new genetically engineered foods industry. The biggest concern is that these items are arriving in our stores and on our tables unbeknownst to us because labeling is not required at this time.


Stage Two: The Roaring 20's & Great Depression

01/31/01: Guilty of Driving While Black: Racism Thrives on U.S. Highways
Racial profiling in America. Discusses Brown vs. the Board of Education. People of color are systematically discriminated against by police.>

02/03/01: Domestic violence: Not behind closed doors anymore
Domestic violence rates are going down and the laws are getting tougher, but there are still 4.8 million attacks against women and 2.9 million attacks against men each year. What exactly does domestic violence mean, and how can you fight it?

02/07/01: WTO, Whoa!
The World Trade Organization is explored, analyzed and condemned for its actions. The demonstrations in Seattle are given as an example of public reaction to the organization.

02/10/01: TV: A giant slushie for your brain
Television will rot your brain! Studies show that watching TV reduces your activities sin other arenas and that's bad for a kid's future. Here's some ways to deal with that.

02/17/01: Does your community need a facelift?
Jennifer and Stephanie climb aboard electric buses and walk across beautiful bridges in search of why Chattanooga, Tennessee is one of the most livable cities in America.

02/21/01: Turning Down and Out into Up and Coming
Stephanie shows how students can make a difference in their community by building houses through organizations like Habijax - Habitat for Humanity in Jacksonville, Florida.


Stage Three: World War To Cold War

No Dispatches.


Stage Four: World War To Cold War

03/03/01: MAD- Star Wars: What would YOU do with $70 billion?
Is the Strategic Defense Initiative, otherwise known as Star Wars, worth the immense monetary and political price tags that come along with it? This article delves into this dilemma and gives a picture from the point of view of the people directly affected by the issue.


Stage Five: America In Upheaval

03/24/01: Pro Life / Pro Choice: The Debate Rages On
A discussion on abortion, its history in the U.S., and relevant legal history.

04/04/01: How Much is Enough?

04/07/01: Fighting the Drug War, One Level at a Time
This article discusses the amazing amount of waste created by the $60 billion illegal drug industry. From the tax dollars spent in fighting it to the breakdown of families, the drug industry is a lose-lose proposition all the way around.

04/11/01: Our Earth: The Biggest House of All
Learn about the current state of the earth's environment and how a growing global population is effecting the natural state of the planet. Recognize the importance of protecting the environment and get a few tips on how to start taking action.

04/14/01: Seems Like We're on Spin Cycle
Murder, slavery, rape. Children fighting in wars they don't understand. Extreme censorship that silences the voices of dissent, with prison and death. Barring women from going to school or having a job (or money). The list goes on and gets much worse, if you can imagine the possibility. All over the world, people lose the basic human rights we hold so dear in this country.