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      Irene Dispatch

Semester 1
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Semester 2:
The US through the 20th Century

Stage One: The Progressive Era

01/27/01: Pancho Villa: The man, the myth, the legend
Irene tours Columbus, New Mexico, site of the last time a foreign power invaded the United States. Discusses the legendary raid of Pancho Villa, Mexican Revolution, the Zimmerman note and America's entry into World War I.

01/27/01: When War Intrudes Upon Love and Health
Irene covers how World War I affected life in the United States. Included are Katherine Anne Porter, influenza epidemic, and liberty bonds.


Stage Two: The Roaring 20's & Great Depression

01/31/01: A Favorite American Sport
Irene reports on how lynching in the early twentieth century was an American tradition. Covers also black journalist Ida Wells' crusade to stop it.

01/31/01: Unearthing a Dirty Secret
Irene reports on the worst race riot in American history, when 300 blacks were killed in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

02/10/01: Making a run for the border
Irene gets a first-hand glimpse of life on the most traveled border in the world between California and Mexico. The dispatch covers Mexico-US immigration policy and National Origins Act.

02/14/01: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Simulating the lifestyle of a 1920s era flapper. Irene dances, drinks and indulges and gives us an insight into how they may have lived.

02/21/01: Hey, I've Got an Idea: Ship Them All Back To Mexico
Irene discovers that during the Great Depression, in the midst of anti-immigrant furor, one million Mexicans were deported and repatriated back to Mexico.


Stage Three: World War To Cold War

02/28/01: An Event That Lives In Infamy
Irene visits Manzanar, site of the first Japanese internment camp built during World War II and confronts one of the greatest sins America has ever committed towards its own citizens.

03/03/01: A big, bad bully - and it's not who you think it is!
Irene examines the first time the U.S. directly overthrew a foreign government. The 1953 CIA-sponsored coup in Iran gets rid of Mohammed Mossadegh and installs the shah monarchy.

03/07/01: Movie at 10: Communists Invade Hollywood!
Irene examines how anti-Communism paralyzed Hollywood as actors, directors, screenwriters all lived in mortal fear of being "black-listed" and many were banned from working. Most famous case is the Hollywood 10. From 1947 through the 50s, House Committee on Un-American Activities cracked down on "Communist" propaganda in movies.

03/10/01: That's not just an orange you are eating. It's history
Irene looks at the contribution of Mexican Americans during the bracero program and the injustice of Operation Wetback in 1954.


Stage Four: America In Upheaval

03/14/01: You Say You Want a Revolution

03/17/01: Violence, tension and struggle: A less than civil Rights Movement
Irene investigates the in-fighting of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) as they shift away from nonviolent principles to espousing black power. She covers replacing John Lewis with Stokely Carmichael as chairman of SNCC and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.

03/24/01: Irene - Roe vs. Wade: Bringing balance to the two sides of the issue
Irene re-visits the most controversial Supreme Court case since Dred Scott, Roe vs. Wade. She speaks to both pro-choice and pro-life activists. Title: The Most Controversial Issue in America

04/04/01: Irene - The Vietnam War Part 1 Irene gives some background for the Vietnam War and meets with Vietnam Veterans to try to figure out what the heck the fighting was all about.

04/04/01: Irene - The Vietnam War Part 2 Irene continues her discussions from her meetings with Vietnam Veterans and contemplates its legacy on the American psyche.

04/07/01:Irene - FBI spies, Pigasus for President and Yippie hippies Irene continues her discussions from her meetings with Vietnam Veterans and contemplates its legacy on the American psyche.


Stage Five: The US at the New Millenium

04/18/01:Religion to the Rescue Irene looks at the beliefs and rise of the Religious Right and visits Pat Robertson's 700 Club in Virginia Beach.

04/25/01:What's Skin Color Got to Do With Education? Irene examines affirmative action, one of the most controversial issues afflicting both higher education and high schools across the country.

04/25/01:Title: Music Makes the Bourgeoisie and the Rebel Come Together Irene grooves to punk, disco and hip-hop and looks at the way music shaped the 1970s and 80's.

04/28/01:Irene - Don't mess with Texas or 'Old Sparky' may call for you!Irene speaks with the families of both victims and prisoners to examine the emotional cost of the death penalty.

05/02/01:Sassy Girls Are Still Around Irene looks at alternative media for teenage girls, and criticizes magazines like 'Seventeen' in favor of straight-talkers like 'Sassy,' 'Bitch' and 'Bust'.

05/05/01:Irene - Baby, I was born to run (all over this country)Irene talks about the end of her journey with the Odyssey.