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       Teddy Dispatch
Semester 1:
The US through the 19th Century

Stage One: In Search of American Roots

09/13/00: My parents' story, from Vietnam to California
Teddy describes how his Vietnamese-American mother and European-American father met and married in Saigon in 1973. He tells the story of his mother's activism at U.C. Berkeley against the Vietnam War, his father's humanitarian work in Southeast Asia, and his own experience at racially and ethnically diverse Berkeley High.

09/16/00: All that Yellowstone Park has to offer
The geological formations and wildlife of Yellowstone National Park are discussed; including the Continental Divide, Old Faithful, and the bison herds that roam the park.

09/18/00: The first day of war is always the longest...
Ted's story of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, flashpoints of the American Revolution. A fictional retelling of the British Redcoat's defeat which signaled the start of the American Revolution


Stage Two: The Birth of the U.S.

10/25/00: Who's the Constitution really for?
Teddy and Becky explain what is was like in Independence Hall in the long hot summer of 1787. Constitution, Philadelphia, federalist papers, founding fathers, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, independence hall, ratification, anti-federalists, John Jay, James Monroe, Connecticut compromise.


Stage Three: Expansion & Reaction

11/11/00: 19th Century Robin Hood saves the day
Kids version of Teddy's anti-rent dispatch. Tells an American Robin Hood tale, where Doctor Smith Boughton inspires farmers to defend their farms against wealthy landowners like Stephen van Rensselaer III.


Stage Four: Civil War & Reconstruction

11/22/00: The amazing journey of Booker T. Washington
Booker T Washington, Tuskegee College institute, slave, civil war, black rights, African American

12/16/00: Abe Lincoln's last night
Teddy looks into the daring and tragic assassination of our nation's 16th president. Lincoln, assassination, Ford Theater, John Wilkes Booth, Civil War


Stage Five: Transformation of the United States

01/10/01: Did the government rob a train?
Train Barons, Leland Stanfurd, Collis Huntington, Mark Hopkins, Charles Crooker, continental railroad ...

01/13/01: It's hard to say good-bye, but farewell it is
Teddy bids the Trek a fond farewell as he heads back to school at UC Berkeley.