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      Teddy's Dispatch
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Semester 1:
The US through the 19th Century

Stage One: In Search of American Roots

09/13/00: A gem in the sea of suffering: the diverse histories of my parents
eddy describes how his Vietnamese-American mother and European-American father met and married in Saigon in 1973. He tells the story of his mother's activism at U.C. Berkeley against the Vietnam War, his father's humanitarian work in Southeast Asia, and his own experience at racially and ethnically diverse Berkeley High.

09/16/00: Plumbing the depths of what Yellowstone Park has to offer
The geological formations and wildlife of Yellowstone National Park are discussed; including the Continental Divide, Old Faithful, and the bison herds that roam the park.

09/20/00: The debates from the dinosaur age rage on
Presents a brief history of Dinosaurs in America, and on Earth in general. Teddy discusses paleontologist Jack Horner's ideas and connects the idea of mass extinction to our own time.

09/23/00: Whale hunting and the art of preserving traditions
Teddy investigates the oral history of the Makah tribe of Washington, infamous for hunting whale and also for an archaeological site comparable to Pompeii.

10/07/00: Witchy woman's gonna put a spell on you! Teddy explores the infamous witch-hunt town of Salem, Massachusetts.


Stage Two: The Birth of the United States

10/18/00: Teddy - Did a snowball fight start the American Revolution?
Ted's story of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, flashpoints of the American Revolution. A fictional retelling of the British Redcoat's defeat which signaled the start of the American Revolution

10/18/00: The first day of war is always the longest...
ed's story of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, flashpoints of the American Revolution. A fictional retelling of the British Redcoat's defeat which signaled the start of the American Revolution

10/21/00: Blowing the British confidence to smithereens
Bunker Hill, Breed's Hill, Charlestown, first American revolutionary battle, Asa Pollard, Welsh Fusiliers

10/21/00: Just an old fashioned 'Green Mountain Boys' whupping
Ticonderoga, Fort, French Indian war, American Revolution, Dorchester Heights, Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen

10/25/00: "President for Life" and other Constitutional Convention bloopers...
Teddy and Becky explain what is was like in Independence Hall in the long hot summer of 1787. Constitution, Philadelphia, federalist papers, founding fathers, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, independence hall, ratification, anti-federalists, John Jay, James Monroe, Connecticut compromise.

10/25/00: Rebels on a Roll!
Teddy recounts the events of Shays' Rebellion at the National Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. He explains the frustrations which led Daniel Shays and an army of farmers to take up arms against the government, and the impact of the revolt on the framing of the Constitution.


Stage Three: Expansion and Reaction

11/11/00: A 19th Century Robin Hood saves the day

11/15/00: Those radical, shakin' Quakers!
Teddy describes the Shakers, a radical breakaway group from the Quakers, and their founder, Ann Lee. He explains Ann Lee's journey from religious repression in England to America in the 1700s, where she founded a utopian community in which people were celibate and shared all property.

11/15/00: Intellectuals plow into a farming community
Teddy explores the 18th century experimental commune of Brook Farm. The place was a commune run by idealist intellectuals, including George Ripley, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau. Although the place only lasted about seven years, its contribution to American identity was immense.

11/18/00: Astronauts, judges, senators, truck drivers, TV producers - women rock!
Mount Holyoke, Smith College, the history of the first women's college, Mary Lyon, Women educators


Stage Four: Civil War and Reconstruction

11/22/00: The amazing Booker T. Washington, former slave turned college founder
Booker T Washington, Tuskegee College institute, slave, civil war, black rights, African American. Teddy and Nick explore the national historic monument for Booker T Washington. Located in Hardy, Virginia, it is the plantation birthplace where Washington was born a slave. Teddy covers a brief biography of Washington's life and gives the students a feel for life on the tobacco plantation.

12/02/00: The murder and mayhem that was Nat Turner's rebellion
Nick and Teddy visit the locale where slave and preacher Nat Turner led a bloody rebellion of over 60 slaves, which resulted in the deaths of 57 whites and jolted the South into action.

12/13/00: It's never enough to just get by
Richmond Bread Riots, women take charge, hungry southerners cause rampage, Confederate Army

12/16/00: General Grant and a dozen grisly ways to die
Teddy goes over Ulysses Grant's lethal campaign to take Richmond by force. Grant's overland campaign, Civil War, Petersburg, Cold Harbor, Richmond, Battles of, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Abe Lincoln, Confederate, Union.

12/16/00: How easy is it to assassinate the President?
Teddy looks into the daring and tragic assassination of our nation's 16th president. Lincoln, assassination, Ford Theater, John Wilkes Booth, Civil War

12/20/00: Reading, writing, and making freedom real
Howard University, Freeman's bureau, black college history Teacher explanation: Teddy tells the story of the founding of one of our nation's first black university. He takes the kids on a little tour of Howard today.

1/03/01: Impeach the president! Andrew Johnson, that is
Teddy covers the events leading up to President Andrew Johnson's impeachment. Radical Republicans, impeachment, Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton


Stage Five: Transformation

1/06/01: The heroic and fateful quest of the Nez Perce
Teddy tells the heroic and tragic tale of the flight of the Nez Perce Indians from Eastern Oregon. Includes the stories of Chief Joseph, Red Napoleon, General Otis Oliver Howard, Gold, and Manifest Destiny

1/10/01:  A legal kind of train robbery
Train Barons, Leland Stanford, Collis Huntington, Mark Hopkins, Charles Crooker, continental railroad, Teddy writes about the misuse of funds

1/13/01: It's Been Good, Bad, and Great
Teddy bids the Trek a fond farewell as he heads back to school at UC Berkeley.