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Semester 1:
The US through the 19th Century

Stage One: In Search of American Roots

9/13/00: These roots were made for walkin'
Kevin discusses his childhood, his heritage and some of the greatest lessons he's learned about life. Learn about the environment in which he grew up and discover his sense of humor.

09/30/00: The Huguenot history rap
"A rhyming dispatch concerning the Onandaga tribe, as they relate to French contact, and Huguenot street its significant, with a moral lesson thrown in to boot. You will learn about both the French and Dutch arrivals and their separate motivations.

10/07/00: Another slab of Bacon: a rebel without a clue
Kevin and Daphne discuss the opposing sides of whether or not Nathaniel Bacon was a revolutionary or just an opportunist.

10/11/00: Gullah? A new slang word or a whole other language?
An explantion of the Gullah, traditional siginificance. The importance of Gullah music, and its connection to the practice of slavery. Words with Queen Quet Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Naion who heads the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition. The contemporary plight of the Gullah and their struggle to keep their tradition alive.


Stage Two: The Birth of the United States

10/18/00: And justice for all ... of the rich and powerful
Kevin explores the history of the Declaration of Independence. He also gives a brief analysis of the contradictions inherent in the Declaration of Independence. Fourth of July, French and Indian War, King George III of England, Sir Thomas Jefferson, Larry McClenney a National Service Park Ranger, John Dickenson, Independence Hall, and the first Supreme Court"

10/21/00: Slaves fighting for American freedom? What's up with that?
Kevin explores the roles of men of African descent in the Revolutionary War. He asks whether freedom has been achieved by and for contemporary African Americans, and he interviews African American New Yorkers on this question.

10/25/00: Democracy: use it or lose it!
District of Columbia, Democracy, Supreme Court, Senate, House of Representatives, overspending, Kevin experiences DC as a citizen and sees inside the belly of the beast


Stage Three: Expansion and Reaction

10/28/00: From Fighting to Singing, What a Wonderful World

11/11/00: Rock the vote by discovering Dorr!
Rhode Island, Thomas Dorr, Dorr's Rebellion. Kevin travels to the town of Dorr's rebellion. Political reform.

11/11/00: To Sarah With Love
Kevin writes a letter to his "daughter" Sarah Bagely, who was an actual labor activist and 'Mill Girl' or 'female operative' in the mills of Lowell, MA. Declining labor conditions forced her to strike for a 10-hour working day and better working conditions.

11/15/00: Class struggle takes center stage
Astor Place, New York, class struggles, the elite, commoners, Irish immigrants, Riots, Astor Place Riots

11/18/00: It's my last name and I'll keep it if I want to!
Kevin relates his experiences at the Women 2000 Conference sponsored by the Worcester Women's History Project.


Stage Four: Civil War and Reconstruction

11/29/00:Face to face with racism
Racism in North America. Kevin explores the situation of racism in the 19th century. Talks about incidents in Philadelphia that exemplify racism and classism. MOVE bombing, Kensington Welfare Rights Union, Mumia Abu Jamal, Philadelphia Police Department

11/29/00: James Fenimore Cooper was writing wrongs
James Fenimore Cooper, The Last of the Mohicans, sterotypes of Native Ameicans, American Literature

11/29/00: Things are cookin' at Sturbridge Village
Sturbridge Village, Northern Antebellum life, Old country livin, Massachusetts, artisans, farmers, crafts, date cookies, old northern recipes

12/06/00:America's open season for "slavecatchers"
Slavery, Fugitive Slave Acts, Compromise of 1850, Boston and the black community, Underground Railroad, Anthony Burns, The Jerry Rescue

12/06/00: Editor William Lloyd Garrison wages war with words
Boston, William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist, liberator, activism, anti slavery

12/20/00: Welcome to New York. Now get in line for delousing
Ellis Island, New York City, Immigration, Coming to America