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Making a Difference


Slavery in the Colonies and
Early African American Culture

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2000, 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific

  • Michael Cottman - Pulitzer Prizewinner, political writer with the Washington Post, author of The Wreck of the Henrietta Marie. Mr. Cottman spent three years on three continents retracing the route of the Henrietta Marie, a slave ship that sank off the coast of Florida in 1700.
  • Anita Prather and Mark Gibbs - Ms. Prather is the Executive Director, Tales from the Land of Gullah, and head of the Gullah Kinfolk. She is a story-teller and singer promoting Gullah culture. Mark is a 7th grade student who is a member of the singing and story-telling group, Gullah Kinfolk.
  • Dr. Sherill D. Wilson - Director of the Office of Public Education and Interpretation of the African Burial Ground, burial site of perhaps 20,000 African slaves in New York between 1712 and 1790