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This Gullah Is. Beach is the best place on earth to mellow out

The cursor is blinking on this screen waiting for me to make it spring to life to write what will be my last dispatch to you. I wonder what it is trying to tell me. Perhaps it is saying that it is willing to be my laborer to help tell you all what a momentous experience the US Trek has been for me.

Whoa! That name is the fire that propels many thoughts past my eyes and ears. I can see Nick and I steering down a pitch black roads trying to drive slow enough not to hit deer, and yet fast enough to arrive promptly at the next destination. I can clearly hear the twists and turns of the conversation between Daphne and I regarding some cat named Nathaniel Bacon and whether or not he was really a loafer. I think Daphne had a secret crush on him. Every once in a while I meet people like Becky who are strangely able to remember every line of a song. She as well as her gift made trekking fun!

Sometimes I had to do a little acting for the pics to help you all understand

"It sure is hot out here!" I say, as Stephanie laughs at me for taking off my pants to reveal my boxers in the parking lot of AU University. Hey what can I say, Stephanie? The moment struck me! Even the figurative "rainy days" cast some light. Where am I going with this? Trying to take you into my mind's eye on the Odyssey is similar to reading War and Peace in a day. Of course my mind is not as voluminous.

There are few words suitable for explaining being on a Civil War Battle or looking up at the Bridge of God. How can I reach into your computer screens and yank you into my world by your collars? How you must go that extra mile many times, and often when you do you will find more than just some antique edifice. You will find yourself.

Go with the peace of Buddha
It is kind of a paradox that you are such an insignificant (size-wise) part of this universe, but that you play such a significant role in its betterment. That betterment is the Siamese twin of your own betterment. I am truly touched and even privately surprised at the many emails that I have received from you all who have told me how inspirational my dispatches are. I pray that you will take what I may have ignited and go forth with it to realize how much power you personally possess. The world's power is concentrated into the hands of a few evil forces, and the forces of good, as numerous as they may be, are futile if they don't come together. So it is with this that I will leave you. I am going to get back to eating my bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch and watching the Chi Master, a knockin' kung-fu flick in which the key to defeating this seemingly invincible power-abusing kung-fu master is to strike when he is not himself. I digress, I've said my piece, so peace and prosperity-keep Trekkin' on!


Please email me at: kevin1@ustrek.org


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